3 Tips On How To Pick Yourself Up On Bad Days

3 Tips On How To Pick Yourself Up On Bad Days

We all have bad days, as much as we may not want to admit it.

You know the ones – the days in which you wake up heavy, your limbs leaden as rock, your head drifty as cotton. The days in which the work that had seemed so manageable yesterday now seems so insurmountable, the days in which you don’t know why you keep going, the days in which you want to fall down and not get up. It’s no shame or weakness to admit these bad days – they all come for us, one way or another. And we’re allowed to take a rest.

On days like these, however, it can be impossible for you to think that you will ever succeed in anything you do again. Maybe bad days can just hit you out of nowhere, maybe they come after a particularly shameful event or debilitating failure, maybe you have a mental illness that can affect you in undesirable psychological ways – regardless of how you may feel currently, it’s important to remind yourself that this heavy burden is not insurmountable. And that you can take little, small steps to help yourself out.

These steps don’t have to be huge ones – you don’t need to listen to every inspiring speech out there, or swear by a motivating networking marketing quote you saw somewhere on the Internet. Baby steps are fine – because progress is progress.

Here are 3 tips on how to pick yourself up on bad days.

1. Do Simple Things Instead Of Big Ones

On days like these, even the most innocuous of tasks can feel like a mountain. Things like brushing your teeth, taking a shower, or preparing a meal can feel like a journey over valleys, and feel so unimaginably draining you don’t want to do them at all. In cases like these, don’t try to force yourself to do the whole process – but don’t wallow in your misery either.

Instead, just take said process and simplify it – for example, if you don’t want to brush your teeth, you can just scrub some toothpaste on your teeth and gargle instead of using a brush. Take a small shower instead of filling a bath. Eat crackers for lunch if you can’t prepare something more filling – just get some food in you. It’s alright. You’ll be okay.

2. Accept mlm company , people fall down a rut of bad days after a particularly debilitating failure. It’s not difficult to see why someone would spiral so badly after they failed at something – in our current culture of perfectionism, failure is seen as something akin to taboo. Any type of failure is regarded badly in society’s eyes; as something burdensome, irrecoverable – and, if not, treated as just a stepping stone towards a greater success.

No one wants to fail – obviously it feels bad to have failed at something, to have not grasped the success you worked hard towards. But it’s important to remind yourself that everyone fails. It’s not something rare, it’s not some personal failing – you did your best, and that’s worth it. Do not beat yourself up for not succeeding, especially if someone else you know succeeded in the same thing – you are not the same people, the circumstances may not have been the same. Failure isn’t something you should avoid, nor is it something you necessarily need to get over immediately to achieve another greater success – failure is just something that happens.

Breathe. It’s okay.

3. Consult A Therapist

Though mental illness is getting more normalized, getting therapy is yet another thing that many cultures across the world treat as a failing. No one wants to admit they themselves, or their sons or daughters or children, have a mental illness that needs help – because sometimes, mental illness is treated as a personal failing; something you need to get over yourself. But mental illness hardly works that way, and even with all the tips I give you in the world, I am not a professional that can help you solve your problems – only alleviate them in the short term (if that).

Professional therapists are experts in the psychology field, and are sometimes integral to getting you the help you need. If the bad days keep persisting, do not sequester yourself away to deal with it alone, or let your culture lie you into thinking you shouldn’t need it. I can tell how difficult this can be, but trust me – therapy is worth it. And so are you.