Popular Sport In Malaysia

Sometimes when you do nothing, you will have any random thoughts and questions. If you have questions about the popular sport in Malaysia, you are on the right page. We will list down the most popular sport that you might do not know about. 

  1. Football

Football is one of the famous sport not just in Malaysia but in the whole world. Since at a young age, usually boys will play and learn football with their friends and at school. In Malaysia, not only Malays but Chinese and Indians also play football. Malaysia also has its own national football league. 

  1. Badminton

Many people really admire Dato Lee Chong Wei and want to be like him so many people try to playing badminton and wish that one that they will be like Lee Chong Wei that is the top 1 ranked in the Asia country. Badminton can be played at least with two-person so if you do not have many friends to join to sport why not trying to play badminton. This sport requires players to have racquets and shuttlecock. 

  1. Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw is a native sport that you can found in the Asian country. This sport requires 2 to 4 members to play and sepak takraw is also called sepak raga. Rattan ball and synthetic rubberized plastic is the equipment that you need to have to play this sport.

  1. Rugby

This sport is not so famous as badminton and football but still popular in Malaysia. For your information, not only the man can play this sport but the woman too. This sport is a very cool sport that can unite people together.

  1. Hockey

Hockey is also known as field hockey is one of the popular sport in Malaysia. Not only men but women also play this sport and for woman team, Malaysia ranked 22 in the world. 

For your information, sport is not only can be a hobby but a career too. There are many Malaysian athletes that are popular such as Lee Chong Wei, Pandelela Rinong, Nicol David, and many more. Sport also has many benefit such as it will make you have self-confidence. You also can polish your skill to be a leader and teamwork skills. To be honest, sport can bring people together and that is where you will learn about social skills and communication skills. You need to have communication skills to make good teamwork. 

If you want interest to pursue study in sport science (kursus sains sukan) you also can get the benefit and enjoy playing the sport. What are you waiting for? It is really great if you can continue to study sports science because we really need people like you that will make our country proud in the sports field. Other than being an athlete, you also can be the one who manages or train the athlete. There are many positions such as sport manager, sports trainer, sports counseling, and many more out there. If you feel interested why not join them now. 

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