The Best Architecture Trends To Follow In 2021

Some infamous trends of architecture have fizzled out. Some thrived. And some deemed tacky in 2021 while others that were abandoned in the early 2000s are making a comeback. The trends we adopt are impacted by the economic situation and the education we receive. They tend to be globalized and diverse. 

Would you like to know the biggest trends of 2021, which is religiously followed by architecture firms in Malaysia?

  1. Automation And Technology For Smart Homes

Smartphones, move over. We now have smart homes. Smart homes have been here for quite a long time. It wasn’t until recently that residential homes began to adopt home automation. Smart home offers us convenience and sustainability; solving the biggest ethical dilemmas of Millenials and Gen Z alike. The general tech and cool ambiance of a smart home are just a bonus. 

Granted that smart homes tend to be on the more expensive side of architecture trends, it is still one of the most desired trends. The popularity is only rising since major companies such as Apple, Google and amazon constantly release their own versions of smart home products. Remember our dear Alexa? 

  1. The Generation For Open Spaces

Architects have the magic power of making your tiny home look like it has tons of open space. Coming forward to 2021, where we are still working from home, open spaces are one of the most craved features of a residential home. Open spaces influence the way we sleep, work and relax. 

Open spaces with fewer labels and more room give us the chance to iterate many more architectural features such as varying ceilings, stairs, and outdoor space to make transit the house from an isolated closed-up cell to an oasis of openness. 

  1. Minimalism With A Twist

Minimalism has been a trend that stuck with us for a long time. In modern times, we are witnessing the evolution of minimalism with bolder colours and patterns. People are willing to see more contrast without clutter. They want to feel at peace but still have personal items that speak colour to them. We want simple yet modern pieces but maybe with extravagant marble tiles on the floor. 

  1. Light and More Light 

Recent architectural developments make sure they implement necessary equipment and planning to take the advantage of natural light and artificial lighting. LIght makes our home feel bigger and better. Sometimes a new lighting system is all it takes to transform your entire house. Light does bring life and personality to all the simple furniture and the granite countertop. Architects understand the way psychology plays a role in light at home. It has become crucial for homes to integrate both artificial light and natural light in a way that forms warmth in the house.  

  1. Bathroom For Your Self Care

Self-care and personal development are no longer reserved for the bedroom. It is now for our bathroom. Whether we are having a manicure, or a pedicure, a fancy bath, exfoliate away the dead skin or try on the 10 step beauty skincare routine, it is all in our bathroom. It is better to relax and pamper ourselves in a bathroom that is accommodating for the purpose of self-care, rather than a dingy, dark, cold one. Bathroom trends suggest furniture, tiles, and walls that complement your personality and gives you a sense of tranquility, peace, and calmness. Architects upgrade our bathroom to an incredibly bougie one with necessary storage capacity, decorative walls, multipurpose bathroom gadgets, plants, and maybe even a hammock. 

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