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Actives That Shouldn’t Be In Pregnancy Skin Care Routine

Do you know that pregnant women are as fragile as their babies during their pregnancy phase? With that put in that way, the second most important thing for a woman is definitely their skin care routine. It doesn’t matter whether you are someone with flawless skin or someone who suffers from acne. Skincare matters. But why does the beginning of my question seem unrelated? Well let me explain it to you, as I mentioned earlier, mothers are fragile during their pregnancy so goes to their skin. Do you know some mothers experience breakouts and purging on their skin? This is all due to the high level of hormones that is raging inside them that causes this issue. Due to that as well, pregnant mothers can’t just resort to their daily skin care ritual because there might be some substances in their skin care products that can cause unwanted harm on both mother and child. So, in today’s topic we are going to scrutinize on which kind of ingredients should be in your skin care products to all mothers out there at Malaysia.

pregnancy safe skin care products Malaysia

When talking about skin care, we should be aware that the skin care that we are going to be discussing is going to last the mothers for about nine months. We should also ensure that the mothers should enjoy their new routine rather than being forced into it. The reason I am pointing out this issue is, women’s tend to be loyal to certain products and we are capable of using it for like years if it’s possible. A pregnancy routine skincare does have to include active’s in them, yet keep in mind there are some mothers who tend to have breakouts and what not, and because of that, today I am going to be talking about what kind of  active’s that can be included in your pregnancy skin care.

One thing that we need to know is that when someone becomes pregnant that doesn’t automatically mean that they stop breaking out. In many cases hormonal changes lead to unwanted break outs, blemish and also hyperpigmentation to happen to pregnant women’s out there. While there are some great things that work for hyperpigmentation and acne blemishes, some of those such as retinoids and salicylic acid are not approved to use when someone is pregnant. And because of that things can get a little bit trickier. 

pregnancy safe skin care products Malaysia

To further elaborate more, the ingredient that pregnant moms should avoid for these nine months is retinoid. Retinoids are called vitamin A, and fun fact, it is something that our body produces naturally. But knowing what oral vitamins such as accutane can do to the body and how it can cause issues with fetal development, retinoids are not approved for use  either internally or topically on the face. This means no retinol, no retinal , no HPR and definitely no tretinoin. So in conclusion, if you still have products that contain any of these active’s it’s better to put it away for this nine month period of time. The next ingredient that shouldn’t be in your skincare is salicylic acid which is used to treat acne. But unfortunately, these products are also not safe to be used during pregnancy.