Aesthetic House Theme and Decor: Arabian Style in Malaysia

Any home needs a main theme when you decide to decorate it. You can add and mix-and match each theme according to your liking. However, each theme must have special features and characteristics that make it unique. Although some elements may be familiar to two or more themes, they are used differently each time and this makes the whole result original. 

If the theme you have decided to use is Arabic, then there are some key things you need to know about this style. 

There are some styles that combination that suits each other best: 

  •  Mediterranean, Arabic and African motifs.
  • Maghribi and Turkish motifs 
  • Pakistani with Mediterranean motifs. 
Repetitive Motifs

First of all, the Moroccan style was formed under the influence of French designers who built homes for the colonists. It combines European and North African traditions, from British and French colonial times. It has Byzantine style and influence. 

The Moroccan style of decor will appeal to fans of primitivism or lovers of luxury. If you want some spice, mix these two and it will look modern and antique clashing but blending together. The interior would be unique and mesmerizing. Any guest would not forget how your house looks. If you love custom furniture, Arabian theme is perfect for you. Of course, you will need some budgets for custom furniture. Almost every house in the Arab country is decorated using colorful textiles that have a variety of patterns and textures. These distinctive fabrics are usually used as decorations, carpets, pillows, wall decorations and even curtains. In addition to the fabric that is the hallmark, the houses in Arabia are also designed with two doors that separate male guests and female guests. Don’t be intimidated with Arabic themes. Seriously, even if your house is located in Shah Alam or Port Klang, you may still use this style. In fact, your house will stand out and attract more attention. 

You could also opt for different mood and lighting in your house such as you want an all-out Arabian theme, which you need colorful small lighting such as fairy lights all over the house or any space you want some lighting. Then, you could also opt for a versatile option which is dim yellow lighting. Next is comfort and intimate lighting where a lighting fixture can be the spotlight to a space. 

In a nutshell, Arabic architecture is also defined by bold forms and beautiful ornaments. To be practical, mix some minimalism into your house. Your house doesn’t have to be too colorful, just choose some bold colors that match your liking. So, if you really want to bring Arabic influence to your home, you can use doors and windows, columns, details and curved prints. Arabic pays attention to the details. You can also opt for mosaics or, as an easier alternative, for different wallpapers. Be sure to use bold colors like emerald and orange but, at the same time, try to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that is specific to this style. Really, just play around your creativity!