Being A Real Estate Agent in Malaysia

Recently, the general unemployment rate in Malaysia has decreased from the years coming up to now, being 3.32%, being lesser by 0.03% from 2018. However, the unemployment rates for the younger generation in Malaysia has increased by 0.23% from 2018, currently making it 11.26%. This is possibly caused by the recent pandemic that started in early 2020, prompting so many businesses to shut down or take a break. Due to this, quite an amount of people have lost their jobs in order to prevent people from going out in public. Despite the pandemic, we still have to find some sort of way to get an income. No matter what, we still have to pay bills, fees, and everything else. Thus, one of the jobs that can be done without being employed by a company but still pays well is being a real estate agent. This is one of the best jobs if you consider yourself an extrovert and you’re comfortable with having to talk to people and at the same time, you want to be your own boss. Even if you’re an introvert, you can still be a real estate agent and communicate with clients online, only meeting them during property viewings or signing the deal. Real estate agents are the people who help people find homes, whether it be renting an apartment or even buying a house.

To know if being a real estate agent is the job for you, one of the questions you have to ask yourself is if you would find it enjoyable or easy to chat up your client and go out a lot for property viewings. This is important because one of the main things you would have to do is negotiate with clients to reel them in and of course following that, you would have to go out a lot to show property previews and show them around. This depends on where you want to base your work, of course. There are so many places you can base yourself on like properties nearby KL Sentral, Puchong, or even in Glenmarie Shah Alam. The next question you should ask yourself is do you want flexibility in your own work hours as well as being your own boss because this is what will most likely be your work life. You need to be able to manage your time on your own instead of having a scheduled day, hence, being your own boss. For example, when you want to schedule viewings around other errands you want to do throughout the day. 

You’d be surprised to see just how simple it is to become a real estate agent. First things first, you need to know just how good of a negotiator you are, hence, going for the Negotiator Certificate Course (NCC) which only takes two days. After that, you can proceed to go for a Real Estate Negotiator (REN) license and you’re set. Following that, it is up to you on how you want yourself to grow as a real estate agent, either train under a mentor or build your skills yourself and see how far you can test your skills. 

In a nutshell, being a real estate agent allows you to work on your own time all the while making good money since any type of property be it rental or owned, will earn you a lot of money when sold and negotiated properly. Being a real estate agent will most likely help you develop your people skills and independence as well.

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