Ensure the Integrity of hoses in Marine Situations

A regular inspection schedule is closely related to hose life as well as performance. It is your obligation to minimise risks in the transport of oil, gas, and bulk liquids if you operate a marine facility or terminal. Marine hoses play a critical part in the day-to-day safety of these operations and are subject to regulatory inspection, testing, and certification requirements as a result.

Floating hose inspection in Malaysia with the petroleum and gas industries to ensure the safe and compliance transfer of oil, LNG, hydrocarbons, solvents, and chemicals between vessel and terminal as proven maritime hose and hose assembly professionals. We may develop a routine inspection and testing programme in accordance with International guidelines, British and Australian standards as an approved third-party testing and certification organisation.

Inspection and testing of marine hoses

Onshore and offshore, we test hoses for truck, terminal, and dock applications, as well as floating and underwater offtake and loading hose projects. We can tailor a testing and inspection approach to your specific working environment using OCIMF recommendations and Australian and international standards.

We can verify that the following design specifications are met:

  • Manufacturer’s date.
  • The range of temperatures.
  • Fittings and pressure ratings
  • Aromatic properties.
  • Hose replacement and installation

We carry out hose replacements and instals with no negative influence on the environment. We routinely build custom equipment to undertake difficult inspections, recertification, and repairs in remote working areas under a variety of conditions.

We can remove, disassemble, repair, recertify, and replace rubber and thermoplastic hoses on floating facilities, crude oil production terminals, and offshore platforms to meet your budgets and timetables.

Recertification of hoses

For FPSOs, crude oil production terminals, and offshore rigs, our periodic hose certification services assure asset compliance and quality assurance. We provide a test certificate for each individual hose based on standard recommendations, demonstrating compliance with visual inspection, pressure and electrical property testing, as well as vacuum and suction tests.

A detailed project report is also provided to our clients, which includes documentation of the assembly process, hardware specs, and drawings of the hose strings that we have constructed. We are the only company in Australia with specialised equipment and technical accreditation, including fully completed test kits.

Project consulting with a difference

Our industry knowledge is routinely sought to tackle specific industry issues. We can handle a single component of inspection or manage the entire project, including planning, subcontracting marine vessels and slipway services, and other facilities as needed.

As marine hose experts, floating hose inspection in Malaysia collaborate closely with terminal operators and offshore oil producers to develop new techniques and practises that benefit the business while adhering to industry standards.

Keeping oil transfers safe in harsh conditions

Preventative maintenance is important.

Hose longevity is also determined by the quality of maintenance. Repairing any damage as soon as it arises, as well as planning for superficial damage to be fixed onshore, can help to keep it from getting worse, or even irreparable and catastrophic.

As a result, we do preventive maintenance to ensure that the hose string is ready for a new oil unloading.

We determine the service life of each hose type, predict hose replacement in advance, and manage the onshore supply of spare parts efficiently to assure quality and efficiency of maintenance.