Malaysia's top baby products

How To Help New Fathers

New fathers require the same attention as the mothers get. They are often neglected from the conversation because of the narrative that makes mothers the ones responsible for the children, but parenting requires both parties to engage their best abilities and efforts in raising the children. Single fathers require the same attention as their female counterparts, especially as men are not socialised to be nurturing toward children. Here we have provided a list of things that can help fathers step into their role a bit more comfortably, whether they are a single father or married.


Strollers are a necessity for new fathers. While newborns do not require stroller use immediately after birth, they grow fast, and by the age of 2 months they are able to be placed in strollers comfortably. Having a stroller allows a father to still get some kind of workout during the first months of their child’s birth. They can go on comfortable walks, which are a great way for the babies to see the world for the first time. It is essential to take walks when the temperature is mild, even though most strollers come with visors to guard the child against the intensity of the sun.

Malaysia's top baby products

Baby carriers

Some of Malaysia’s top baby products include baby carriers. Also known as baby slings, these are used to secure the baby to the body. It is a great contraption for multi-tasking and feeding. They are affordable and come in different designs to fit the needs of the baby and father. There are several stores that sell baby carriers and they have become a popular commodity, and it is no surprise why. They are comfortable, affordable and great for bonding because babies require bonding with their caregiver. Many experts emphasise skin-on-skin contact which boosts both of their immune systems and reduces stress.

Parenting help books

Nurturing a child requires understanding. Parenthood is a complex journey that will be filled with mistakes and doubts. It is a personal journal, and so, different tactics are used by different people. Parenting help books are a good investment, but they are not the end-all of parenting. The truth is that while these help books are useful, they only act as guides to parenting. Therefore, parents have to figure out what works for them and their child.

Support groups

Support groups are important to new parents, especially if they are single parents who have never had a child. There will be questions that can’t always be answered on the internet. Parenting is a difficult journey that requires a lot of patience and effort, and it is a daunting journey to take alone. But this is not to say it cannot be done, or that it won’t be rewarding. Support groups not only help make single fathers feel less isolated, it gives them an opportunity to socialise outside of the house.