Perfect Choice for the klcc apartment for rent Now

Comfort and well-being, A well-insulated home is more comfortable, there are less drafts, the comfort temperature is reached faster and the walls are warmer. For the klcc apartment for rent and desa parkcity for rent this is the best choice now.

Aiming for a low-energy or even passive renovation makes it possible to reduce the energy bill each year and to make significant savings in the long term. To achieve an ambitious energy goal, the work must cover almost the entire envelope of the house: 

  • insulation of floors, walls, roof
  • replacement of glazing, drilling of new windows
  • reduction of thermal bridges
  • improved airtightness
  • possible installation of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

Project yourself into the works 

What work do you need to do to meet your goals? How to phase the work? Will they all be professionally made or will you get your hands dirty? Will the house be occupied during the works?

Estimate the costs

The costs of the renovation vary greatly depending on the condition of the building, the project and energy ambition, as well as the choice of materials. They range from a few hundred euros per square meter for a light renovation to over 1000$ / m² for a heavy renovation. Quotations can be requested from contractors or estimates from the architect if his intervention is necessary within the framework of a permit application.

Surround yourself to confront the project

The intervention of an architect is necessary if the planned work is important. It can help make the synthesis between your project, your energy ambition and your budget. He will also be able to play the conductor with entrepreneurs and public administrations to obtain planning permission or to submit requests for bonuses.

  • Visiting sites, especially during looking for the best house, comparing their ideas with the opinion of relatives and the experience of professionals. 
  • This helps to become an informed owner and facilitates decision-making.

Choose sustainable building materials

Each purchase of materials is the occasion of a choice, sometimes difficult. Natural materials? Materials from reuse or from recycling? Labeled? Local? Requiring little embodied energy to manufacture? The cheapest? The Follow the Guide website helps you make smart choices. Which insulation materials to choose from among the very large offer today?

Choose an economical and efficient heating system

Heat pump, condensing boiler, wood stove. There are many technical possibilities. We choose our heating system according to the level of insulation targeted at the end of the work. Obviously, we will not achieve the same energy performance for light work that improves comfort as for a complete renovation in low-energy housing. The end result influences the heating requirements. 

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