Predicaments of Jobholders in Non-NativeCities

The rate of unemployment in the world is very high. A great number of people in the world are jobless. Joblessness and unemployment is a very hard issue for every country. It is very difficult to get a good job. But it is also true when we get a job, then it becomes more difficult to perform. Joblessness is a big problem but sometimes a job becomes more problematic for us. No doubt a job gives us good income but because of this job we have to leave our home and have to get to the other regions or countries. When we move to other cities for a good job there we have to face many difficulties. When we go to other cities we have to face the following problems.

Anonymous areas and people:

When we leave our hometown and move to other unfamiliar places there we face immeasurable problems. There we have to adjust to unfamiliar and anonymous places which are very difficult things. We have to meet people who are unfamiliar to us and we take many days mingling with them.

The unknown atmosphere, have to from unknown diseases:

When we get to the other unknown place there we have to adjust to the unknown atmosphere and weather. Because of the unknown and unfamiliar weather, we cannot take care of our health and we have to suffer from unknown diseases.

Problems of foods and: travelling

Another important predicament of a foreigner job doer is the predicament of travelling and food. When we are in a new city we do not know the availability of good food and we have to manage with the food which is available at the moment. We, in this city, cannot eat the food which we are habitual to eat in our homes. Sometimes we have to travel a long distance for a job.

Problems of appropriate residency:

The other most important problem faced by an outsider has to face is the problem of appropriate residency. An appropriate residency is very difficult in an unknown city. We have to travel street to street in the search of good residency. Sometimes we don’t like the residency location and sometimes we do not like the rent demanded by the owner of renting property.

Suitable living rooms in a good location:

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