Rare and Frugal Gifts Idea for Love Future In-Laws 

Have you heard of the saying when you marry someone, you also marry their entire family. This is indeed true! Maintaining a convivial, healthy and stable relationship with your spouse family is important. That is one of the secret to a blissful, enjoyable and happy life. There are lot of ways to impress your future in-laws and gifts are one of the tactics to win their heart. Don’t be stressed out when picking out gifts for them! We are here to help you! There are many interesting gifts like Tupperware or grooming kits that you can give to the in-laws that you should cherish. Here is some ideas for you!


tupperware storage container
Tupperware Storage Container

Okay, let’s be real here. Mothers love Tupperware. They have a special relationship with the Tupperware. If you lose the Tupperware well you are in hot water. Sometimes I feel like my mother love the Tupperware more than me *sob sob*. Anyways, Tupperware storage containers are very airtight and would make any dishes stay fresh a bit longer. I also highly recommend the Raya Tupperware edition because the Tupperware comes with a cake inside. Surprisingly, the cake is very good. They are moist, fluffy and fragrant. You may get a diffuser along the Tupperware.

Chips- Kerepek 

Tupperware Storage Containers

Is it cheap? Yes. However, these are good gift options if you are on the budget. Don’t be  afraid to give banana chips, onion chips and some local cakes. 


This gift option is suitable for both in-laws. For your mother-in-law, a handbag would be a good option while a cross bag would be suitable for dad. A bag is a very personal gift because it shows how much you know a person’s taste. Regardless of gender, most people have strong preferences when it comes to a bag. If you aren’t sure about their taste, try asking for your partner’s help to pick them.  If you are looking for a safe option, maybe a crossbody or luggage bag is the safest option. They would use it for travel purposes. 

Self-grooming kits 

Men grooming kits are a staple for men. It is a good gift option as your father in law will look good after using them. Your mother in law would also be pleased after seeing how good he looks. It is a win-win situation. If you have an extra budget, you may send him to a salon that offers hair cutting services, shaving, hair treatment and even beard trim that is suitable for fathers. 

A good card with best wishes on them

When writing a card, try to write heartfelt wishes. It doesn’t have to be over the top. Here are some of the wishes example: 

” Thank you to the beautiful woman who gave her life to my husband and became my second mother. I hope your days are prosperous and joyful. I hope that even when you are busy with work and life complexity, you can always set aside some time to relax and take good care of yourself as you did to others”

example of wishes for you

Giving gifts is important. However, the timing of giving the gifts is also important. You must take notes of the celebratory days such as Mother’s day. The value of your love is more important than the gift that you give. Taking good care of your spouse is one of the ways to show that you respect and love them too!