Significant Decisions To Make When Buying A Walk-in Fridge for Your Food Business

Walk-in Fridge For Your Food Business

If you are running a kind of business that entails you to buy a walk-in fridge, you have to make sure that you will really get the right type of fridge. Since it is a walk-in fridge, it only means one thing, your business might be big for it to need such type of fridge. Sometimes, a fridge can help you provide efficient service. Sure there are walk-in fridges around but you should not just pick one randomly. Instead, pick one only after meticulously choosing for one.

What are the factors to look for in a walk-in fridge?

Outdoor or indoor walk-in fridge

Yes, this should be your first decision to make. When it comes to the outdoor walk-in fridge, here are some of the perks:

* Won’t interfere with your interior space.
* Delivery as well as the installation will just be quick with the assistance of a pro
* There is no need to be wary about the refrigerant lines to be run through your building as they will be released outside
* With a door that is opening outside, food deliveries will be most convenient

But note that this type of walk-in fridge also comes with a number of disadvantages:

* A door must be constructed in the wall or your employees will really need to go outside
* More energy will be consumed
* To protect against weather as well as thieves or burglars, you must incorporate more components
* You might be instructed to incorporate more components by the local building codes

For the indoor walk-in fridge, these are the known benefits:

* More affordable
* Contents will be easier to use
* You cannot easily see the box
* Safe from thieves
* Easier to maintain


* Can make your interior space crowded
* You might need the reinforced interior floor
* Energy consumptions might be more especially during summer as self-contained units can add heat to the building

There are still a number of decisions that one must make such as:

Size – though generally walk-in fridges are of course bigger than the conventional fridges, still they also come in different sizes. This should depend on your space and on the requirements of your business. This also depends on whether you want the indoor or the outdoor walk-in fridge.

Flooring – this is another aspect one must decide. Note that a walk-in fridge can be purchased with or without flooring. However, most of the time, outdoor walk-in fridges will choose to have flooring so because, without it, the contents will have a hard time to cool because of the concrete slab that can easily absorb heat exhausted from the sun.

A good fridge can ensure that your foods are always fresh. However, there are also other aspects that are important to ensure you will be able to provide the best service to your customers and they are the processes of your business. In this aspect, SAP Partner Malaysia can be your ally with their SAP BW/4HANA template. You should check them out.

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