Study video game development: how to start, what to watch, and best centers and courses

Every year, new students decide to study courses, degrees, masters, or other training in video game development. Video game development has become a benchmark industry for many young people. 30 years ago, developing games in a professional way were almost a utopia due to the absence of official studies, but computer science was beginning to open the way for this specialty. It is an empirical fact that the sector continues to grow and only in 2019 had a turnover of 911 million euros, but forecasts predict an exponential growth in profits in the coming years.

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And the academic offer is consolidated in some specialized centers so that students can train in the development of video games both in person and online. In the same way, today there is also a growing demand for graduates in mobile video game development, studies that, on the other hand, can also be complemented by learning how to develop mobile apps .

Among other things, this great demand for professionals comes from the fact that behind a video game there are many disciplines that have been adapted to this interactive medium, such as design, programming or art. All of this can be applied to video games to turn them into unique experiences. For some time, employees with higher education in video games have increased, but companies still have problems finding profiles with the appropriate training, being a direct consequence of the too generalist offer to which students have access. Therefore, below some tips and university centers where you can acquire the necessary knowledge you are looking for enter the video game industry.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Interactive Software and Video Game Development aims to develop the potential of the left and right hemisphere for anyone who wants to study video game design and become a comprehensive video game developer capable of creating the design, production, and implementation of the same. . You will also manage projects and development teams, both in the creation of recreational video games and in the implementation of serious games and applications focused on the emerging sector of applied games or serious games. The study plan and academic direction of Widad School Malaysia in training for video game design, which is part of the University of Malaysia, ​​aims to make you a specialist from a programmer and developer point of view, thanks to agile management methodologies. By studying video game design you will have all the tools to become an entrepreneur from the first minute. In addition to this, you will enjoy a progressive induction of the English language in the subjects, to be able to join the global market.

Sekiranya anda hendak melanjutkan pelajaran, anda boleh mempertimbangkan diploma dalam bidang sains kejurulatihan Malaysia.

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