Three Types of Cheating

Sex is the first thing that comes to mind when most people think of cheating. Physical cheating, however, is not the sole kind of cheating. In fact, women are more prone than males to be distressed by an emotional affair.

A woman needs a man who cares about her children when it comes to reproduction. Being physically intimate with another woman has no bearing on that investment; but, establishing an emotional relationship with another woman does.

Of course, this does not make physical cheating any less of a problem. However, it raises the question of what constitutes cheating in the first place. Secrecy is an excellent litmus test—if you wouldn’t tell your spouse about the encounter, no matter how “innocent” you believe it is, you’re having an affair. Other methods through which you may be deceiving yourself? The following are three examples.

Flirting Online

With friends, acquaintances, and complete strangers, the Internet opens up a world of possibilities for infidelity. Flirting and personal conversation in a public venue may rapidly become flirtatious. It’s a strange blend of closeness and disconnection. It’s easy to become overly intimate with someone online because of the Internet barrier between you. However, this does not make it acceptable—anonymous internet flirting is still an emotional commitment.

Porn and Sex Toy Addictions

Although porn and sex toys are not humans, this does not exclude them from being cheated on. Porn addiction is a very serious issue.  Watching porn on a regular basis may diminish your excitement for your partner, leading your sex life to degrade.

Both movies and sex toys may develop false expectations for sex with your spouse when used as regular help for solo sex. However, when used together with your partner, that would be a sexy dream come true. Both you and your significant other can spice up your sex after you take a look at leading dildo shop in Malaysia.

You Have Fantasies About Others

It’s both absurd and impossible to try to control your dreams and thoughts. However, if you find yourself fantasising or thinking about other guys all the time, it’s a sign that something isn’t right in your relationship. That’s not to suggest you shouldn’t fantasise about Chris Hemsworth‘s stunning abs while having sex; it just means you shouldn’t be thinking about anyone other than your spouse all of the time.