What Changes You Can Do To Save Our Ocean

As we are going through towards a more futuristic and developed country, we could still not be able to fix our corrupted systems and problems that need our attention. Apart from that, we also have many kinds of pollutants such as light, sound, air and mainly water. We have so many developments going on such as having NDT company Malaysia working in the middle of the sea, that we completely forgot completely to manage our responsibilities in managing our ocean. You should know that the ocean provides 70% of the oxygen we use to breathe more than the rainforests in the Amazon does. We could not expect anything for anyone such as other people in this country to be helping the same way and I believe that if we expect some changes, we have to start with ourselves. 

First things first, is by practicing the healthy way of preserving the ocean such as reducing the usage of plastics and using more reusable items, taking care of the beaches by collecting as much garbage we can before we leave the beach. By practicing the behavior, only then we are able to invite and call out our friends to join us, people can only follow the lead of good examples. If you are the type of person who speaks louder than actions, people are going to treat you like you have no credibility because your action proves nothing.

The second thing we can do individually is by spreading awareness. Spreading awareness is not hard, it is like resharing information that is shared with us, and we can literally use our social media to make sure that our awareness can be spread to mass and a lot of people. For example, you can make use of and customize templates on Canva and prepare the contents that you would like to spread as your awareness, in this case, cases that are related to ocean pollution. Click here to read more.

Last but not least, we can have a non-profit organization to invite more people to join activities in preserving our oceans better such as cleaning up the beaches together, practicing healthy lifestyles together, and spreading more awareness on marine’s lives together. There are so many things that we can do with proof of our activities, people will become more aware of what we do, and if they are interested they can join the organization and contribute in ways they possibly can. 

To summarize, of course, every change has to start with us, and slowly later, we can get and invite more people to join us doing all the good deeds and making the world a better place, for us and future generations. Regardless of how the government behaves and reacts to the changes, I believe that people should know that they need to know that some people still care and are not scared to take the responsibilities to make sure that we all can live on a healthy planet. With only one chance, we can have bigger upcoming changes to this world.